"Avalanche Party’s dark garage-psyche is the perfect soundtrack to kickstart the four band afternoon sweet spot of the line-up. Solid Gold is now a post-garage piledriver, Glenn’s keys enabling the eerie, fairground after closing time vibe to come through live and it adds diversity to their sonic assault. Money and Let’s Get Together are set mainstays and familiar to many singing along at the front. And fortified, if they needed it, by their Reading and Leeds Festival soiree Avalanche Party are surely still ones to watch over the next year or so." - The Pleb Society

A lovely review of our set and others at We are Family Festival over the weekend. Full article here - https://theplebsociety.wordpress.com/…/we-are-family-festi…/

This weekend is looking jam hot.

FRIDAY 16th // We return home to Staithes to play The Captain Cook Inn, the place we rehearse and the venue of some of our very first ever AP gigs. Really can't wait. FREE GIG. Our pals Vulgarians + The Blinders will be supporting us. Not to be missed.

It's gonna be a special one. Event here. Click attend:

Staithes Smash // Avalanche Party & Vulgarians & The Blinders

SATURDAY 17th // We make our debut at Tickhill TFest on Saturday night! Really looking forward to it. We hear tickets have been selling dead good for it. Looks like a lot of fun.

For details and tickets here: www.t-fest.co.uk

In other news we've been mixing a single. Too right.Come have a drink with us this weekend yeah?!

Photo - Rory Sansom


Peace AP x

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