September 19, 2016

 "Fresh from their recent triumphs at Reading and Leeds Festivals, they deserve to be higher up the billing than they are but when they do take to the stage there’s an undeniable feeling that you’re witnessing a band that is ready for the next level. They’re already huge rock stars; the world just needs to realise it... A potent, unfiltered brew of garage punk, psych and amphetamine rock n roll – whatever they have in the water up on the North Yorkshire Moors, it should be bottled." - Nick Wesson, NARC. Magazine

Big thanks to the geezer Nick for his review of our set at We Are Family Festival! You can read the full...

September 15, 2016

  "Avalanche Party’s dark garage-psyche is the perfect soundtrack to kickstart the four band afternoon sweet spot of the line-up. Solid Gold is now a post-garage piledriver, Glenn’s keys enabling the eerie, fairground after closing time vibe to come through live and it adds diversity to their sonic assault. Money and Let’s Get Together are set mainstays and familiar to many singing along at the front. And fortified, if they needed it, by their Reading and Leeds Festival soiree Avalanche Party are surely still ones to watch over the next year or so." - The Pleb Society

A lovely review of our set and others at We are...

September 5, 2016

"Their performance in the mid-afternoon Saturday slot was easily the most interesting and exciting witnessed on the BBC Introducing stage up to that point. What came was no longer mild and stage-frightened. Avalanche Party were angry, intense. It was a performance that saw the lead singer, Jordan, in his ripped red shirt, get right up in the face of the opportunity and demand to be heard. The five-piece thrashed out a performance that mattered." - Gigwise

"The lads from the North Yorkshire Moors – Avalanche Party, absolutely ripped apart the BBC Introducing stage at 3pm. Draped in silk shirts accompanied by an army...

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